Fast charging is one most necessary features in today’s device. It maintains our batteries up through busy days. However, there are multiple varieties of standard fixed by different companies. Some companies only charge through distinct chargers and cables. So it becomes difficult to choose a 45W C type charger for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus.

Gearing up your S20, S20 Plus with high rated charger is advantageous for battery in many things, such as it increases the battery life, charge up the device as fast as possible. Keeping all the aspects in mind we have line-up the best C type charger for Samsung.

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Samsung S20, S20Plus 45W Chargers in 2020

1. Samsung 45 Watt Charger for S20, S20Plus

Samsung 45 Watt Fast Charging
Samsung 45 Watt Fast Charging

First in our line-up comes Samsung 45W-C superfast charging wall charger. The charger charges up the device speedily if the device having an input capacity of 45W. It is compatible with all the devices, but not at 45w because all the previous devices from Note 5 to S4 are 18W. It delivers the input up to 3 Amp to provide power at a faster rate. Comes with removable USB-C to USB-C cable available in a box, so that you can charge your device through another USB-C power source. You can transfer files as fast as possible by using a cable. The Samsung Company provides a 1-year warranty.

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2. Huntkey 45 Watt Wall Charger for Samsung

USB C Wall Charger, Huntkey 45W Type-C Fast Charging Adapter
USB C Wall Charger, Huntkey 45W Type-C Fast Charging Adapter

Huntkey 45W type-C fast charger is compatible with all Samsung devices. Charge your device up to 50% in just half-hour. The charger is faster than the standardized USB charger. It charges your S20, S20 Plus speedily and effectively. It can also be considered as a Samsung travel charger because it has a compact size and foldable adapter. Frosted and hard material protects the product from scratching and breaking. The safety protocols of this charger are well manufactured, provide safety from over-heating, over-current, etc. It comes with a long C-C cable.

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3. Nekteck USB-C Wall Charger for S20, S20Plus

Nekteck 45W USB C Wall Charger
Nekteck 45W USB C Wall Charger

It is a 45W power provider USB C type charger. There is no need to worry about harming your device, it is safe and fast to deliver the best possible outcomes. Comes with premium 6ft non-detachable cable, that makes you plug in without fail. Nekteck will automatically identify the device and deliver the efficient and fastest current. The highest quality components are used in the manufacturing process. All the safety standards are taken into consideration. A protect the device from over-current, over-heating, and over-charging.

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4. DBPOWER Type-C Wall Charger 45W for Samsung

DBPOWER 45W Wall Charger with Power Delivery for Samsung
DBPOWER 45W Wall Charger with Power Delivery for Samsung

The powerful and power supply 3.0 exposes and enhances for the fastest charging supply. This condense USB charger is lightweight and slim. It comes with a foldable plug so it is easy to carry. It the best handy charger for Samsung S20, S20+. Compatible with all the Samsung devices having 45W input capacity. One drawback of this charger is not compatible with Note 10, Note 10+. Prevent the device from over-heating, over-current and over-charging. Officially the company provides 18 months warranty.

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5. PowerSource 45 Watt Charger for Samsung S20Plus, S20

PowerSource UL Listed 45W 7 Foot AC-Adapter-Charge
PowerSource UL Listed 45W 7 Foot AC-Adapter-Charge

This charger is supportable to Samsung pro devices and Samsung Chrome book Plus. This charger automatically detects optimal charging output for a smartphone. It comes with an integrated cable with a maximum of 45W output. It handy charger, you can easily carry it office, traveling. All the safety and security are taken under consideration while manufacturing it. The Company provides a money-back guaranty within 30 days.

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