If you are looking for buying Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, you may need to purchase spare USB C type cable. The device normally comes with cable, but carrying the extra cable with you, never trouble you. However, you need to be painstaking while purchasing a USB C type for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Note 10. Because some of the USB C type cables are not well constructed that can lead to outright failure, overheating and sometimes the cable quality is not good so it immediately breakdown.

Using high rated USB C cable might beneficial to a device in multiple ways, such as speedy charging and increase in data transfers peed. Keeping all things in mind, we have lineup Best USB C cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/Note 10Plus.

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Best USB-C Cable for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10Plus

Anker PowerLine + USB C 3.0 Cable

The Anker is one of the topmost leading company which comes with speedy USB C cable that comes first in the lineup. It comes with high-end features. Anker provides a 5Gbps rate of transfer, it means, HD movies and thousands of songs are transferred in only 5 seconds. USB C type cable comes with a double layer of nylon exterior. USB C type cable is perfectly compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus/Note 10.

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Snowkids USB C Cable

One of the best things about this cable, the company provides a lifetime warranty. The Snowkids USB C type cable offers super-fast charging time and transfers high data such as HD movie within 5-10 seconds. The durability of this USB C type is good. Provide a transfer speed of 5Gbps. The look of this cable is attractive because coated nylon braided jacket. It is compatible with Samsung C type devices/pixels and many more.

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Belkin Type C Charge Cable

The length of the Belkin type C charging cable is good enough. It is compatible with 3 amps power output. The key feature in this USB C type cable is, provides transfer speed up to 480 Mbps. The PCB and E markers are highly protected, as it is welded with a metal shield. Due to the welded metal shield, it leads to a decrease in radiation emission levels and adds high strength in a USB cable. Multiple color options are also available. Belkin type USB C cable accurately compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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CableCreation USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable

 The extra-long cable provides us flexibility while charging your device seating on the back seat of a car. The output power of CableCreation USB-C to USB-C charging cable is 20V, 3 Amp due to which your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus charge up speedily. It offers data transfer speed up to 480 Mbps. CableCreation is embedded with a nylon outer layer to prevent it from tangles. It is considered as universal compatible, because compatible with most of C type charging port devices. The company provides a two-year warranty.

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UGREEN USB C Cable 3.1

UGREEN provides a safer charging to your USB C type smartphone. The output power of UGREEN is up-to 20v and 3amp. It is compatible with the USB power delivery charge, it is one kind of charging protocol. One thing that should be noted about this charging cable is, charging speed will change depending upon your device and wall adapter. The exterior of the cable is coated with nylon to protect it from tangles. The connectors are made up of high-quality aluminum. The reliable and longer life span compared to other USB C cable. The company provides 18 months warranty.

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