We use our Samsung S20, S20 Plus more often to click perfect images. It’s quite hard to capture perfect pictures, but once you have captured, you want to make sure that no one takes the credit of it. Nowadays, if you upload images to a social platform, it’s no longer safe. And even you cannot retain your ownership on particular images. But there is one way to protect the images, by adding watermark on it. Adding a watermark is as simple as adding stickers on pictures from the gallery.

After buying the best flagship Samsung Galaxy S20, S20Plus, if you didn’t get features like add watermark on pictures, isn’t it bitter? Don’t hesitate, that’s not going to happen, because Samsung S20, S20 Plus smartphone gives authority to us to add watermarks on desired images. However, there is only one method to add watermarks on images and once you turn on that option, the device will add watermarks on all the images.

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  1. Choose the Photo from the Gallery app.


  2. Find Sticker Symbol.


  3. Look for Calendar Icon.


  4. Drag the Samsung Galaxy Watermark.


  5. Resize the Watermark and place it anywhere.


  6. Finally, tap Save.


  7. Go to the Gallery App.



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