How to disable Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


From the past few years, Samsung is making a huge effort on Samsung’s Digital Assistant, Bixby. Unfortunately, due to unwanted actions, Bixby won’t get much popularity as Google Assistant. Also, in Galaxy Note 10, Samsung has removed the Bixby assistant. Don’t know why Galaxy Note 10+ still has that annoying Bixby assistant on it. So if you are a former user of Samsung Galaxy S series or Note series, I believe you have already disabled the Bixby button on Samsung and looking for the same to do in Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

You can disable the Bixby button on Samsung Note 10+ in three different stages, which are Bixby Home, Bixby Voice, and Bixby Button. Moreover, Samsung has confirmed that with the new update it may allow you to disable the Bixby button on the lock screen. So don’t miss any of the upcoming updates on your Note 10+.

How to Turn Off Bixby on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

As you can see, we have three different methods to disable Bixby button completely on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Starting from Bixby Home,

Disable Bixby Home on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Bixby Home could be disabled from the home screen just like this,

  • Touch and hold the blank screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.
  • Swipe right.
  • Now, turn off Bixby Home.

With this, the Bixby Home screen is turned off. Now see how to disable Bixby Button Completely on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Disable Bixby Voice on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Another, way to disable Bixby on Samsung Note 10+ is to turn off Bixby Voice. You have to launch Bixby to begin the process.

  • Press the Bixby button and launch Bixby.
  • Tap More options.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Voice wake-up and disable it.

Disable Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

This is the last step where Bixby service will be disabled on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. However, you may not get any option to disable Bixby button on Note 10+. Fortunately, you can make harder for you to launch Bixby by the following process.

  • Launch Bixby on your Note 10+, by pressing the Bixby button.
  • Tap More options.
  • Select Bixby Key.
  • Make a change and choose Press twice to open Bixby.

How to customize Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Neither Samsung allows you to disable Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ nor you can customize it from the phone settings. This is very rude behavior by Samsung, after spending hundreds of dollars users cant control their phone entirely. In earlier updates, Samsung gave the entire control in the hands of users to disable and customize Bixby, but later all the privileges were take away from us. Meanwhile, there is an app available in Google Play which could help you to customize the Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Remap Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Step 1: Download bxActions App from Google Play

I was addressing this third-party application, that will help you remap Bixby button on Samsung Note 10+. bxActions is the best available option that still works flawlessly to customize Bixby button. Download the bxActions app from Google Play and move on to the next step.

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Step 2: Grant Permissions to bxAction App

The app will need some permissions in order to remap the Bixby button properly. Following permissions the app needs,

1. Get foreground app.

2. Get button events

Step 3: Customize Bixby as you want

After installing and granting access to bxActions app, you are ready to customize the Bixby button. The free version includes only fewer features. What happens when you press the Bixby button a single time? It simply launches Google Assistant and be default this option is selected. What about, customizing it to Flashlight or Clear Notifications or bring Power menu on the screen. So if you want to go deep, then spend $2.99 and unlock its premium functions to control the Bixby button entirely.

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