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How to rename Galaxy Buds | Change the Name of Galaxy Buds

Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e really needs perfect headphones. But then Samsung announced the impeccable Galaxy Buds, for its users. From now, Samsung users don’t need to buy any other headphones or earphones, if they really have an interest in Samsung products. Galaxy Buds are quite robust than any other headphone.

Whenever you connect Galaxy Buds to Samsung phones, it shows the default Earbuds name. Samsung has yet not provided a proper method to rename Galaxy Buds, and so people are unable to rename Galaxy Buds and later considering it as a bug. Actually, it is not the bug, there is a quick way which allows you to rename Galaxy Buds on Samsung S10.

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Rename Galaxy Buds

  • Drop down the Notification Bar.
  • Tap on Gear icon, which will take you to Settings.
  • Go to Bluetooth.
  • Select the Galaxy Buds settings.
  • There you can rename Galaxy Buds whatever you want.

Now you can check the name of Galaxy Buds, hopefully, it has changed.

It might be possible that you have to pair the Galaxy Buds to the Samsung device once again, as you have renamed the Buds. If the Galaxy Buds didn’t pair correctly or face any Bluetooth connectivity issues then make sure they are in range. Bluetooth requires phone and Buds to be nearest as possible.

I guess you have renamed Galaxy Buds. If you have any problem with Galaxy Buds or Samsung phone, then you can ask us in the Comment section or mail directly. It will be easier for us to deliver the right content towards the audience and definitely there are other users who are looking for solutions just like you.

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