How to Use Zoom Meeting App on TV

Apparently in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of work from home has begun, which is possible only due to one of the best video conferencing apps known as zoom. Nowadays zoom has become imperative for a large, medium, and small-sized company to keep their work updated and cultivate the regular workflow without any disturbance. It’s only possible because the zoom provides all the basic and imperative service for cooperation with your company manager and workers.

But video conferencing through a small screen with low-quality video and audio makes users bored, thankfully we found a solution to it. Even-though zoom allowed TV version, the following article will help you to do so.

Note: No need to download the Zoom app on the TV, simply just follow the given below information.

How to Connect Zoom to TV

Pre-requite to Use Zoom App on TV (Hardware)

Should I Download Zoom App on TV?

Thankfully, you don’t have to download Zoom App on the TV, if you possess any of the above accessories; then all you have to do is connect the PC or Phone to TV, using the respective HDMI Cable and start with your meetings on the large display.

How to Get Zoom on your TV

Which device do you use for Zoom Meetings? Is it your Smartphone? Or Laptop? or PC? Well, I assume depending on the primary device, you’ve already purchased one of the HDMI cables to start Zoom Meeting on Smart TV. If yes, then continue.

Step 1: Set Up the Phone/Laptop

There are two ends on HDMI cable, connect one end to your device and another end to the TV. The other end varies on the device you used with it. iPhone devices will have proprietary lightning cable, while Android devices will have micro-USB or USB-C ports. Apart from this if you are using PC or laptop with TV their will USB Type-C, USB-A, or thunderbolt on the other end.

Step 2: Put the Device on Stable Object

While you attend meetings on the Zoom app, the camera should be stable, keeping the phone in hand is not recommended. Adjust the phone or laptop in such a way that your face is clearly visible.

Step 3: Set Up TV

After connecting the TV and Phone/Laptop using HDMI cable, you might have to change the Source of the TV. The process to change source varies, depending upon different devices. Find the Source and switch it to HDMI.

Once the phone/laptop screen is cast to the TV, you can start with the meeting on Zoom App.

Step 4: Start the Zoom App

Lastly, open the Zoom App and start meeting with your colleagues or with anyone.

Now you can enjoy the zoom on a big screen that offers proper visibility of participants with better video and audio output as compared to small screen Android and iPhone devices.

Pro Tips for Perfect Zoom Meetings on TV

  • Keep the lights on for perfect picture quality.
  • Keep your laptop or device at an approachable distance that is connected to a TV. Because TV offers a big screen with better quality and sound rather than that all the configuration can be done through a linked device.
  • Don’t forget to place the camera at the same level as TV. Some of the users forgot to place a camera at the same level of TV which leads to face cutouts while attaining the meetings and looks like you are focusing on something else rather than meeting.
  • Use wireless headphones or earphones for a hand-free conference.
  • For more convenient sound quality, associate speaker with TV.

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