Typing an important text to someone and it gets replaced automatically then it becomes frustrating sometimes. Especially when you are in a hurry it becomes annoying. This happens because of a autocorrect is enabled in your device. Most of the devices in nowadays comes with autocorrect enabled. In this post, we are going to show  HOW TO TURN OFF AUTOCORRECT IN SAMSUNG M30, M20 AND M10

To avoid chaos in your chat we recommend you to disable autocorrect on Samsung M series. It is a simple process to do if follow the steps given below correctly.

How to disable autocorrect off in Samsung Galaxy M30, M20 and M10,

  1. Open settings app on your Samsung M series device
  2. Go to General management
  3. Select language and input
  4. Tap on-screen keyboard
  5. Select Samsung keyboard
  6. Tap smart typing
  7. Disable Predictive text

Note: Some Samsung users do not use the Samsung keyboard, so for any third party keyboard like google keyboard follow the same steps.

How to turn auto-replace text in Samsung M series,

  1. Go to settings apps
  2. open General settings
  3. Tap on language and input
  4. Select the keyboard that you are using
  5. Tap on smart typing
  6. Select and disable auto-replace on Samsung M30, M20 and M10.

Now, if you like to turn on auto-correct again in Samsung M series then follow the same above steps to do it.




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