Wi-Fi calling is an outstanding feature which lets you make calls and texts over Wi-Fi network. It’s been a long time since we are using Wi-Fi calling but with Skype and other similar applications. And this Wi-Fi calling is just carrier evolution, so when you don’t want to use third-party applications, the default Wi-Fi calling is there to make Wi-Fi calls. In addition, social apps like WhatsApp, Messenger etc also allows you to make calls.

Are you sure that you have set up Wi-Fi calling on Samsung S10 as per the carrier’s tutorial, However, it seems like there is a problem during set up and so Wi-Fi calling is not showing on S10?

Here’s how to set up Wi-Fi calling on Samsung S10.

For Verizon Wireless

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Go to Menu > Settings.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi calling on S10.
  • Check the Terms & Conditions and tap Continue.
  • Next, enter the emergency location (E911) info and tap Save.
  • Once the address is successfully verified, Wi-Fi calling is enabled.

To Set Connection Preference,

  • Choose from Prefer Other Cellular Networks or Prefer Wi-Fi.
  • Once everything is ready to go, restart the phone.

For T-Mobile

  • On My T-Mobile app, register/enter your E911 location.
  • Enable Wi-Fi.
  • Go to Phone app > Menu > Settings.
  • Toggle on Wi-Fi Calling.

To Set Connection Preference,

  • Select one from Cellular Preferred and Wi-Fi Preferred.
  • Now, restart the S10.

Still, Wi-Fi Calling is not showing on Samsung S10, then you should follow some basic troubleshooting to fix Wi-Fi calling not working on Samsung S10.

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Fix Wi-Fi Calling Not Showing/Working on Samsung S10

Trick 1: Set Wi-Fi Calling as Your Default Method

The problem continues for many because while entering the home or office it will instantly connect to your office or home network. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is presumed to switch accordingly to 4G or Wi-Fi if it is available. If the device doesn’t do the same, you can restrict your device to use a cellular connection.

  • Open Settings.
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Search the icon and turn off the wireless connection.
  • Search and go to Connection Settings.
  • Touch Wi-Fi Calling and select Wi-Fi preferred.
  • If it is not fixed yet, switch on Never Use Cellular Network to stimulate all calls on your personalized network.

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Trick 2: Remove SIM Card and Disable Wi-Fi Calling

When you search on the web, you will find that most of the problems on Samsung Galaxy S10 can be solved by performing the quick reboot. In form, to solve Wi-Fi Calling issue on Samsung Galaxy S10 you can perform the same, but there some tricks to be performed before that

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S10 and perform the reboot method.
  • To turn off the device hold the Power Button.
  • After the device completely turns off remove the SIM from the device by using a SIM ejector tool.
  • Turn on your device without inserting the SIM.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi calling and switch off the Samsung Galaxy S10 once again.
  • Inject your SIM and reboot that will clear all cache on your Samsung Galaxy S10 by doing this will fix the Wi-Fi calling problem on your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Trick 3: Check Your Router Distance to fix Frequently Call Dropping Issue

Many users have a habit to talk on the phone while walking, during that time they unwillingly move far from the router. The phone can access Wi-Fi calling to the limited distance, so they usually experience a frequently call dropping issue on Samsung Galaxy S10.

  • Use another Smartphone and stay near the router, to verify if the issue is in a smartphone or a router.
  • Update your router and it should permit you to access the call from any part of the limited area without any network problem.
  • If there is any physical obstacle such as a wall, then you need to move the router or a device in an open space to prevent it from disturbance.
  • Download and install any updates that are provided by your service provides that might fix your issue.

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Trick 4: Restart Router/Modem

If still, you are regularly going through Wi-Fi calling issue on your Samsung Galaxy S10, then you need to restart your router. Firstly verify that the service provider is not facing any problem. So until you will not restart your device it will be not fixed.

  • Verify that cable is accurately fitted on your modem and router.
  • Use the Power Key to turn off the Samsung Galaxy S10.
  • To perform a hard reset you can also disconnect the power plug which can fix most of the issue and if your service provider has done an update, it will work as expected.
  • Hold the Power Key to switch on the device.
  • At-least disconnects the power plug for 50-60 seconds before you connect it back.
  • Wait until all the light on the router becomes green.

Check the issue is still fixed or not.

Trick 5: Clear all Saved Wi-Fi Networks on Your Samsung Galaxy S10

If you recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10 or you using it for a long time it doesn’t matter. You need to perform all the tricks present in this article. This is the best tricks to fix Wi-Fi calling issue on your Samsung Galaxy S10. So don’t skip any of the trick present in the article.

How to clear saved Wi-Fi Networks on Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Tap Settings.
  • Swipe and search the Connections
  • Go to Wi-Fi Settings.
  • A list of saved Wi-Fi networks will feature on your screen.
  • Tap on them to feature forget option.
  • Clear all the Saved Networks.

 How to add Wi-Fi Networks on Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Swipe and search Connections options.
  • Touch More to add a new Wi-Fi network.
  • It will ask Network name and password
  • Write the password and you can access the particular network.

Trick 6: Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S10

The service provider will offer you multiple numbers of network settings that your Samsung Galaxy S10 will download and install when you initial access it. But at some point, there are missing a file that could generate glitch and disturb Wi-Fi network. By performing this task will fix the issue like this.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Touch General Management.
  • Search and tap Reset.
  • Select Reset Network Settings.
  • The device will ask your password or fingerprint to approve the request.
  • After doing this your network setting will be reset.


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