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Best Launchers (Third-Party) for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20Plus in 2020

Sometimes users get bored with user similar user interface so they start searching for the third-party launcher for S20, S20Plus. The name launcher is given to the part of the user interface. The launcher allows the user to modify the main screen, make phone calls, launch a mobile application and several tasks to be performed. They are just protection to your device and don’t harm the important data stored in the device.

The launcher offers multiple themes that change the look of the main screen and symbols present in the app tray. Due to which the appearance of the app tray completely becomes attractive. Launcher provides the option to sort the application according to categories.

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1. Nova LauncherBest Free Launcher for Samsung S20

Nova launcher stays on the top even though the competition is frequently increased in the market. The launcher grants you to do multiple tasks such as creating attractive layout and icons. By using nova launcher you can select an icon theme that drives up a fresh window on your Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus. This launcher has backup-restore, through which you can store present layout and regain whenever you want. Several documents can be built with the help of nova launcher.

Click here to download Nova Launcher

2. Evie LauncherBest Launcher for Samsung S20

Each and every feature can be modified by using this launcher due to which it is considered as an extremely customizable launcher. It is also considered as time-saving launcher because you get surrounded by the application that is most commonly used. You can modify your wallpaper along with the background. This launcher delivers a high range of flexibility.

Click here to download Evie Launcher

3. Smart LauncherBest Launcher for Samsung S20Plus

In the present rendering, the launcher work to make your Samsung Galaxy S20, S20Plus more decent. This launcher store and group the application according to categories to make easy access. It comes with multiple built-in features, suitably arranging theme color similar to wallpaper. It is designed in such a way that you can access your device with a single hand.

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4. Microsoft LauncherBest Android Launchers in 2020

To make your device more efficient and simple this launcher is the best option for you. It is a lightweight launcher due to which all the tasks can be performed smoothly. You can directly transfer data, pictures, songs, documents at the desired place on your PC by using this launcher.  The aspect of Microsoft launcher is quite simple to compare to other launchers. It has the potential to lock and gain speedy access to the application in a couple of taps and scrolls.

Click here to download Microsoft Launcher

5. Pixel launcherGoogle Pixel Launcher

If you have heavy software devices like Samsung S20, S20 Plus then the best option is pixel launcher. It delivers a simple and attractive user interface to your device. Pixel launcher has inconclusive features, such as just swipe-right from your home screen to watch your Google cards. Google search is arranged in the middle of the home screen so you do a quick search.

Click here to download Pixel Launcher

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