Planning a picnic or business tour? You’ll definitely need the best car mount for Galaxy S20, S20Plus to stay concentrated and keep hands on the wheels. The Car Phone Holders for Samsung, are a great way to stream songs, answer calls, navigate through Google Maps, and much more, on the go.

We’ve gathered a few best Samsung S20, S20Plus Car Phone Holders that you must buy before going on a trip.

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Best Car Mounts for Galaxy S20Plus, S20

iOttie Wireless Car Charger and Phone MountiOttie Wireless Car Charger and Phone Mount

This car mount has an in-built wireless charger, especially design for Samsung and Google devices. the design of this mount car holder makes easy one-hand access. The movable foot with a button can be altered to align the smartphone for charging. Compatible with all size of smartphone up to 3.7”. The adjustable arm can be extended up to 4.9” to 8.3” and deliver different attractive viewing position. The dashboard and suction cup on the windshield with a powerful hold can be evacuated and reuse with water.

iOttie Car Mount Holder: Available on Amazon

Maxboost Extendable Arm Car Mount for S20Plus, S20Maxboost Extendable Arm Car Mount for S20Plus, S20

The extendable device holder tightly holds your Samsung Galaxy S20Plus to your windshield and dashboard offering hand-free access. The mount holder having extendable arms to hold the device of various sizes and anti-slip surfaces accommodate your smartphone in place. No equipment is required to install it. Simply place the car mount at the desired place and lock it, just verify the place is cleaned before installing. It has an extendable neck and arm that offers a 360-degree view. The bottom part of this mount holder has a suction-cup gel that holds the device tightly on the uneven road. Officially the company offers a one-year warranty.

Maxboost Car Mount Holder: Available on Amazon


Bestrix Dashboard Car Phone Holder

If you are looking for both advance and luxurious mount car holder then bestrix is the best option. The movable 360-degree arm helps to move the device in the desire direction. This product can easily adjust to any dashboard having a smooth surface. It is easy to fit over the dashboard, only remember to remove the air under the suction cup before locking. The holder of this product has a silicon surface which keeps the device safe when passing through the uneven road. The bestrix is made from ABS plastic that offers higher flexibility and durability. Supports all types of devices.

Bestrix Car Mount Holder: Available on Amazon

Bemz Depot Magnetic Mount for Galaxy S20PlusBemz Depot Magnetic Mount for Galaxy S20Plus

The bemz contains a pre-installed bottle holder that works as a kickstand. The mounting cover has a magnetic plate and back cover that can easily install to any magnetic car mount. The car mount holder is made up of shockproof carbon fiber, thermoplastic polyurethane and dual grade polycarbonate that protect the device from falls and drop. Buttons of the device are covered by mount case to offer more security. Movable gooseneck gives effortless access to the smartphone. Additionally, it has side grips that secure the device from the drop and falls.

Bemz Car Mount Holder: Available on Amazon

Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Mount for SamsungBeam Electronics Air Vent Car Mount for Samsung

Beam electronic is one of the advance car mount holder. You just need to press the clamp from both the side to hold the device. It has the button back on the unit, by pressing that button it performs slide open to take out a smartphone.  Mount holder can fully 360-degree rotation that offers the best viewing angles. The holder gives protection while you are driving, navigating, and listening to music. No tool required to install, it has the most simplistic way to install. Easy to use, offers one-hand operation.  Officially the company provides a 1-year warranty.

Beam Car Mount Holder: Available on Amazon

Mpow CD Slot Car Phone Mount under $15Mpow CD Slot Car Phone Mount under $15

Just you need to insert it in the CD slot and once it is set-up it will stay strong in CD slot. It will cover-up the whole stereo when it is set-up.  It has three side grip that holds the device tightly from all sides. Mpow settles the device most conveniently, from where it easy to touch and see. There is a little key located on the side, you just need to press and the device will pop out. If the device doesn’t fit in the holder then remove the case from the device.

Mpow Car Mount Holder: Available on Amazon

iOttie Car Phone Mount under $30iOttie Car Phone Mount under $30

iOttie one touch is designed simply that offers easy one-touch mechanism and quick one-hand close and open function. The flexibility of this mount car holder is excellent. You can enlarged up to 4-6.5 inches and provide a different viewing position. It has a dashboard disc and reusable suction cup that increases the stick strength of the mount holder. It is compatible with all the devices having a size 2.3 inch to 3.5 inches. iOttie car mount holder has a bottom foot that can be adjusted up to down, side to side and can be detached to hold the devices.

iOttie Car Mount Holder: Available on Amazon


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