The Galaxy Buds are one of the most appreciated wireless buds of the decade because of its robust performance and low price. At a remarkable cost, Samsung has designed this buds with impressive features like wireless charging support. Though, the company doesn’t provide any wireless charging pad for this Galaxy Buds or any of the Samsung smartphones. In this post, we have covered some of the best wireless chargers for Galaxy buds you can buy in 2020.

The listed wireless chargers can also be used with other Qi-enabled products like Samsung S10, Note 10, Watch Active and more. Moreover, few wireless chargers let you charge two devices at a time. Have a look at the best wireless charging pads for Galaxy Buds.

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Best Galaxy Buds Wireless Charging Pads

Important: Not all the Wireless Charger came with a wall-plug/adapter, you have to buy it separately.


AUKEY’s great at delivering the finest wireless chargers for Galaxy Buds and other phones, though it is an Award-winning charger. Simply you have to place the Galaxy Buds on the soft, matte pad to begin a charge. This is an ideal wireless charging pad for your Galaxy Buds to carry and use anywhere. It can also be used with your Samsung S10, Note 10, Note 10Plus and other Qi-enabled phones.

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If you are looking for a flat wireless charger for Buds, then CHOETECH is the considerable pick. While it looks best and creates no more clutter on your desk. It is designed with well efficient components, that charges Galaxy buds and Qi-enabled smartphone intelligently. No need to worry about the heating issues and yes it has an anti-slip rubber surface for perfect grip.

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All in one wireless charging solution, whether you want to charge Samsung Note 10, S10 or Samsung Watch Active or Galaxy Buds, it can be used for all. Besides, Reflying offers it’s own wall plug adapter to achieve fast and safe charging avoiding heating issues, though you have to pay a bit high compared to other wireless charging pads.

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NANAMI is another cheap yet the most durable wireless charging pad for Galaxy Buds. Forget the old fashioned wired chargers, when you can buy this compact and sleek charging pad, that can charge almost all the Qi-enabled devices including S10, Note 10 and more. To boost the charging speed of wireless charging it is advisable to use QC 2.0 or QC 3.0 adapter.

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You might not have heard of Chatie wireless charger for Galaxy Buds, but I bet you will not regret this purchase. At once you can charge two Qi-enabled devices like Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds or any other device. This wireless charging pad is crafted in a way that it doesn’t flash the LED indicator in eyes. You can place the phone without removing the case, but keep note that the thickness of the case should not exceed 0.3-inch.

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