Wireless Charger Not Working on Galaxy Note 10Plus

Recently we have got some updates from the Note 10Plus owners. They were complaining that there Note 10Plus wireless charger not working. According to us, the reason behind this issue is not serious hardware malfunction, it can be petty bugs or something. So if you are one of the owners of the device and going through such an issue, there is a possibility that you can fix it on your own.

After trying the workarounds if still, Note 10 won’t charge on the wireless charger, then it might be possible your wireless charger is damaged. Look at these best wireless charger for Samsung Phones.

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Trick 1: Enable Wireless Charging Functionally

On its own, the wireless charging should work automatically once you place your device on an active wireless charger. However, if you adjust some settings, there are chances that you may disable the wireless charger. So ensure that your wireless charger is enabled.

How to enable wireless charger on Note 10Plus?

  • Hit Settings.
  • Go to Device Care.
  • Touch Battery.
  • Tap Battery Settings.
  • Turn ON fast wireless charging.

Trick 2: Turn on Wireless Powershare

If the problem is related to Wireless Powershare, which means your Samsung Galaxy Note 10Plus can’t seem to charger the other gadget. Similarly like wireless charging, wireless Powershare must be enabled before charging up the device. if you don’t how to perform it follow the given below steps.

How to enable Powershare on Note 10Plus?

  • Scroll down the Notification Panel.
  • Search and tap Wireless Powershare Icon.

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Trick 3: Re-position the device on the pod

There are chances when slight movement on pod can make wireless charger to stop working. This is due to the receiver device need to be placed in a particular position to make the device to charge. So adjust the device on the pod and ensure that the wireless charger is working or not.

Trick 4: Confirm wireless charger is working or the charger is compatible

There are multiple types of wireless charger but your note 10Plus is officially endorsed to run only with Samsung certified Qi charger. If you are not charging your Note 10Plus with the certified charger it may provide less parameter to the device.

Note: Incompatible wireless charger can corrupt the device. So use only the standardized charger. 

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Trick 5: Force reboot the device

Still, the wireless charger doesn’t work after performing the basics steps. The issue may be within the device. The first workaround you need to do is perform a soft reset. This will clear the bug and refresh the system.

How to force reboot the Samsung Galaxy Note 10Plus?

  • Hold the Volume Low + Power Keys for 10-15 seconds.
  • Doing so will feature Maintenance Boot Mode Screen.
  • Tap Normal Mode from Maintenance Boot Mode Screen.
  • If Maintenance Boot Screen is not featured on your device that means it doesn’t contain it. Wait until the device is powered off.

Trick 6: Delete Cache Partition

The cache is a temporary file that use to load the app quickly. In some cases, the cache gets corrupted and create an issue. To verify that your cache is not corrupted, delete the cache partition and verify the issue.

How to delete cache partition on Note 10Plus?

  • Switch off the Note 10Plus.
  • Hold the Volume High + Home Keys, instantly press the Power Button.
  • When the device symbol is featured, let out the Power Button.
  • When Android Symbol is featured, let out all the buttons.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button multiple times to feature “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  • Use the Power Button to select.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button to appear “YES” and press the Power Button to select.
  • “Reboot System Now” is featured.
  • Use the Power Button to restart the Note 10Plus.

Trick 7: Run the device on Safe Mode?

If the charger stopped running after you have downloaded the app, then the app may be the culprit. To verify it run the device in safe mode. Running the device in safe mode will disable all the third-party app.

How to boot safe mode on Note 10Plus?

  • Turn off the Note 10Plus.
  • Hold the Power Button until the model name is passed out.
  • Instantly press the Volume Low Button until the phone finishes restarting.
  • Safe Mode will be highlighted on Bottom Left Corner.
  • Let out the Volume Low Button when safe mode is featured.

If the wireless charger works accurately in safe mode. Then the third-party app is the culprit. Try to uninstall the third-party app individually and verify the issue.

Trick 8: Reset All Settings

If nothing works in safe mode, reset all the settings on Note 10Plus.

How to reset all settings on Note 10Plus?

  • Navigate to Settings Icon.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Touch Reset Settings.
  • Tap Reset Settings to confirm.

Trick 9: Factory Reset

At this stage, after performing all the basic tricks, if still, Note 10Plus wireless charger doesn’t fix. Then there no other option rather than factory reset.

Note: you need to back-up all the important data stored in the device

How to perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 10Plus?

  • Navigate to the Settings icon.
  • Search and hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset from the given options.
  • Read the instructions and hit Reset to carry on.
  • Hit Delete All to confirm the procedure.
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